TNT Southern Blend aka Cagen

HNH Solar Flare

Born 4/27/14 

The "Mardi Gras" Litter
3 Males, 2 Females

PSF Chase Southern Flare aka Bayou - Loved and Owned by Sherry Archer
PSF Lil Monster - aka Sully - Loved and Owned by The Foster Family
PSF Love that Dirty Water - aka River - Loved and Owned by Kelly McMillian and Caitlyn Little
PSF Ready or Not aka Chase - Loved and Owned by Janie Donnelly
PSF Creole - Loved and Owned by Meg Scanlon


Flare x Cagen pups


ATChC Silver Rio

ExSt-Silver EXJ-Bronze EXG-Bronze EXS-Bronze EXSC-Silver VBA


2012 IFCS Individual Standard Bronze Medallist

2012 IFCS Triathlon Bronze Medallist

2011 Ontario Regional Champion

2011 World Agility Open Team Member

2010 Canadian Steeplechase Champion

2010 IFCS Biathlon Silver Medallist

2010 IFCS Individual Jumper Bronze Medallist

2009 Canadian Champion

2009 Ontario Regional Champion

2008 & 2009 FCI World Team Member

@ Imp Spot ABC 73928

Imp Mist ABC 87997

Partner Flirt ABC 156304

Blue and White

Chance ABC 113725

Bootsey Clark ABC 58072

HNH Solar Flare

OFA Excellent CEA Carrier B/W - White factored

Hollowshot Trippin' On Sunshine

AKC DN00487107 CBCA B 5000237 RPT, ADD, DDCh, NGC, CGC

Hollowshot Phantom Wisp

DL77863701 B/W

Hollowshot Moss

Mobella Flighty Miss

CH Hollowshot Fen

DL76580301 B/W

Hollowshot Sweep

Hollowshot Pip

HNH Abigail

ABCA 205588 / AKC DL88982601


ABC 147562 / DL 83357002

Imp Rob

ABC 117504

Ziggy Rainbow

ABC 122020

Surtsey Pat

ABC 92069 / DL 72317002

Eweniques Micah

ABC 68284


ABC 49577