MissJiffs Ripple Effect of PSF F.Ch.

MissJiffs Ripple Effect of PSF F.Ch., LCM  - aka Ripple
M/D Normal by Parentage
Born 6/22/10
ASFA Lure Coursing FCH and LCM
#11 of the Top 20 ASFA in 2012
#12 of the Top 20 ASFA in 2013
B Rated in WRA and NOTRA

Ripple is our venture into a new direction, which may be the beginning of something bigger and better.  Hence the name "Ripple Effect", 

We have admired the beauty, grace, attitude and speed of Ripple's family for a number of years.  So when we had the opportunity to venture into the world of this new breed, we knew there were no other pedigree lines of Whippets that we wanted to start with.  And we are thrilled to be able to add such an incredibly bred puppy to our pack/home.  We will be looking forward to what the future brings us with Ripple.

FAST                                                       and                                                   BEAUTIFUL
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