We thought it would be fun to share with you the "story" of how Painted Stars Farm began: 

Bonnie grew up in a dog-loving family. Her father was, and still is, a breeder of AKC National Champion Field Trialing beagles; some of which were highly accredited Purina Award winners. Bonnie’s family also ran a boarding kennel and grooming facility where Bonnie learned to appreciate many breeds of dogs. She grew up studying canine breeding and genetics from her father.

Then came the horses: Bonnie’s passion and love for horses drew her in that direction for a number of years, raising, training and showing APHA Paint horses under the business name of Painted Stars Farm. Following her father's footsteps in the canine world, her efforts paid off as she earned equine championships and added awards to her walls.

Then along came trouble!!!

Trouble that changed everything! It came wrapped in short, beautiful, black and white fur. A little Boston Terrier pup was found roaming the streets of Cleveland, scared and in need of some medical attention. The couple's daughter could not resist her and brought her home - begging "can we PLEASE keep her"! After trying to find the pup’s owner with no success - Eboni and Ivory (Nini for short) joined the family.

Eboni was a true terrier in every sense of the word. She was quite a handful as a puppy and she needed a job. We started her in agility classes which she enjoyed but seemed bored with. One fateful morning there it was on the morning news, a spot on a sport called FLYBALL!  Nini was ball crazy! Flyball seemed the perfect job for her. So off to flyball classes we went ...................and that was IT! Not only did Bonnie become hooked, all the dogs loved it too!!!

 Flyball was the game for them!!! ~ So as they say "The rest is history!!!!"


Today, the game of FLYBALL is our love and focus. We enjoy the sport tremendously. All of our dogs are trained for the sport.

These days, our entire breeding and training program is geared toward producing quality flyball and sport dogs. Our dogs are cross-trained in many events and all of them live in our home with us. We select our breeding stock based on temperament, structure, pedigree, genetics, and production records, in order to produce best quality sport dogs possible.

And off to flyball we go.......