TNT Southern Blend aka Cagen

TNT Southern Blend aka Cagen
Red/White Border Collie
21 1/2" and approx. 47 lbs
OFA Good
CEA Normal by Parentage

We have been watching and admiring Cagen since he was born.  He has a fantastic pedigree!! 

His sire Bo-Tyne Jagger was an outstanding dog that unfortunately left this world way too early and before we had the opportunity to use him in our breeding program.   Cagen's mother is Tiffany's (TNT Border Collies) Rio, there are not enough words to describe Rio's talent and longevity! 

We are super excited about the opportunity to use Cagen to add some great genetics to our program!


ATChC Silver Rio

ExSt-Silver EXJ-Bronze EXG-Bronze EXS-Bronze EXSC-Silver VBA


2012 IFCS Individual Standard Bronze Medallist

2012 IFCS Triathlon Bronze Medallist

2011 Ontario Regional Champion

2011 World Agility Open Team Member

2010 Canadian Steeplechase Champion

2010 IFCS Biathlon Silver Medallist

2010 IFCS Individual Jumper Bronze Medallist

2009 Canadian Champion

2009 Ontario Regional Champion

2008 & 2009 FCI World Team Member

@ Imp Spot ABC 73928

Imp Mist ABC 87997

Partner Flirt ABC 156304

Blue and White

Chance ABC 113725

Bootsey Clark ABC 58072