HNH Solar Flare

HNH Solar Flare - aka "Flare" or "Super Solar Flare"
AKC Female Black & White Border Collie
Trained therapy dog and canine good citizen 
DNA tested CEA - Carrier
OFA - Excellent
Cerf Clear
BAER tested Normal
Carries for Red and Tri
Born 1/23/07
18 7/8" tall  35 lbs.
Fastest Flyball time:  3.91

Flare is an Abbey/Tripp puppy.  For more information on Flare's sire you can go to:

Flare has become on of our best "go to" dogs.  She is solid and easy for anyone to compete with.  She rarely makes a mistake, can run in any position for anyone and is always happy to do so.  In fact, she has the happiest attitude of any dog I have ever met!  She lives life large!

Her loves to swim and will spend hours upon hours in the water if we let her.  She is super easy to live with.

Flare has a number of siblings excelling in dock diving, frisbee, agility and flyball.  

Flare's litters:

Flare x Excel - born 02/07/09

Flare x Strut - born 09/18/10

Flare x Spyder - born 12/22/11

Flare X Doc - born 8/21/13

Flare X Cagen born 4/27/14

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