HNH Sweet Nothings

HNH Sweet Nothings - aka "Whisper"
AKC registered Border Collie Female
Born 11/23/09
OFA - Good
CEA - Carrier
CERF - Clear
Fastest Flyball time - 3.76

Whisper is a product of our own breeding program and we are very excited to have her as one of our top sport dogs and a wonderful addition to our breeding program.  Fast, intense and agile are the three words that describe Whisper the best.  Whisper is outstanding at frisbee and flyball and also enjoys dock diving.  In a fairly small package at approximately 18 1/2" tall and 32 lbs, Whisper is very biddable and easy to get along with but also very explosive and always ready to go and give 110% everytime.  

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