PSF Guns N Graffiti aka Vandal X McCann KaBoom

The Mountain Ranges Litter
Born 10/24/15
5 Males & 1 Female

PSF Magic Man aka Wizard - Loved and Owned by Becky Knox and Co-owned with PSF
PSF Locked and Loaded aka Kaliber - Resting at the Rainbow Bridge
PSF Smarty Pants aka Smarty - Loved and Owned by Melissa Henning
PSF Kascading Cosmic Fire Pyrotech aka Pyro - Loved and Owned by Debra Patterson-Williams
PSF Raising Kane aka Brazen - Loved and Owned by Rosemarie Huey
PSF Master of Mischief aka Bart - Loved and Owned by Claudia Campoy

Vandal x KaBoom pups

McCann Kaboom

Bell's Cash ABC 40530

Bo Tyne Skye ABC 15291

Bo-Tyne Slice

Rival TriHard (Divot)

OFA Good DNA CEA Normal Red and White

Offspring's aka The Rabbit (Tantrum)

OFA - Good, Penn Hip .39/.39 (70th percentile), BAER - Normal & CEA/CH - Normal

HNH Blue Porsche

DN10398701/ABCA258854 CGC, TD, FDGCH Blue Merle

RSK Blue Denim

ABC 228118 / DN 10277001

BSP Jett

ABC 191803


ABC 183376

HNH Abigail

ABCA 205588 / AKC DL88982601


ABC 147562 / DL 83357002

Surtsey Pat

ABC 92069 / DL 72317002