We are really excited about our upcoming litter prospects! 

If you are interested in being on a list for one of our pups please fill out our puppy adoption application and return by email to paintedstarsfarm@gmail.com
After a number of years building our breeding program, we are blessed with lots of wonderful dogs available to use,
which has made making some breeding choices very hard.  And while we have traditionally raised only a few litters a year,
we have decided to take the opportunities before us and make this a busy year (as we aren't getting any younger and
don't plan on breeding at this rate for long) as a result, we have a number of GREAT litters planned for the upcoming year!!!



Tempest PSF Here We Go - aka WeeGo

Pups due Mid July




PSF This Girl is on Fire aka Kindle


Hotrod's Shifting to TopGear aka Stig

Pups due June 2018 





Feel free to contact us at paintedstarsfarm@gmail.com

for any further information regarding any of these plans litters.