Missjiff's Torch

Missjiff's Torch
aka: Torcher
Mini Aussie / Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix
Male - Neutered
Born 10/08/08
FGDCh 30k
(Fastest  Flyball Time = 4.06)
Dock Dogs Senior
Agility Novice Jumpers
Our Mystykal's King Osirus "Spyder" is Torch's sire. We have high expectations for what Spyder can produce.  Spyder's outstanding temperment and structure are great foundations for outstanding sport mixes.

Torch's Mother - Dreamhaven Jiffy has really made a name for herself by produced a number of outstanding sport dogs.
We are very excited about adding Torch to the family. We are looking forward to many years of fun activities and dog sports with Torch.  We expect him to excel in Flyball, Dock Diving, Disc Dog, Sled dog and many more activities.  He will be a valuable asset to our flyball team and a loving addition to our family.  He is a true lover!  Loving all dogs and people alike.  Thank you Monica Johnny for breeding such a fine companion!