HNH Trend Setter

HNH Trend Setter - "Style" is loved and owned by Jessica Taylor and Dr. Linda Randall

Hi Bonnie and all,

I thought I would send you an update on Style (Porsche x Risk), as she is now
three and we are quickly approaching the end of our second year together.

She is absolutely fantastic. I cannot express how much I love this dog. I
don't know what I would do without her.

As far as agility goes, she is really coming along. Her confidence has suddenly
flourished, and you can see it in her always increasing speed and obstacle
performance. After retraining a 2o2o a-frame contact (from a running) we moved
on to refocus her SLS and weave entries. Below is a link to a video with some
clips from our most recent CPE trial. You will see that our start line and
entry training has paid off, but our contacts are starting to slip a bit again. 
Oh well, we always need something to work on. We don't do a whole lot of CPE,
so we are still in Level 2 and 3 in all of our classes, but we are teetering
between Advanced and Masters in USDAA and AKC.
I cannot thank you enough for a truly wonderful dog. I hope to enjoy many more
years with Style.
I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and that you are all enjoying
your painted stars dogs as much as I am.

Jessica and Style

Watch Jessica and Style perform in one of their early agility trials:  - Looking GREAT Jessica!!