• All of our adult dogs are therapy dog titled and have numerous other sport / herding titles. 
  • We are committed to quality not quantity, and always for the betterment of the breed. 
  • All of our pups are hand raised in the house and handled daily. We do not use or have a kennel.
  • All puppies are temperament tested prior to sale.

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It is our goal to provide the best possible start in life to our puppies.  We make sure that both parents are fully temperment tested and clear of any genetic disorders.

We provide to all of our pups Early Neurological Stimulation or ENS.  Ther purpose of this is to increase the puppies ability to learn, deal with stress, and offers improved organ function and illness resistence.

Our dogs are feed a Species Specific RAW diet and are raised under natural rearing methods.  All of our puppies are feed a combined diet of high quality grain free dog food and raw diet.  All purebred pups are registered with the CBCA/ABCA and/or AKC. 

We raise or pups in our home, handling them daily, and exposing them to various sights, sounds and environments.  
 We take our puppies for car rides several times before they leave us.  This early exposure to provides a positive impact in a dogs confidence giving them the ability to develop into a more well rounded companion and competitor.

How puppy selection works: Once a mating takes place, I will begin taking litter applications.  Significant time is spent with each of the puppies as they grow and develop.  Once the pups are 7 weeks of age we administer the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test, that along with our subjective opinion of each puppies temperment, and a structural evaluation, we do the best to work with potential puppy owners to make sure that no puppies end up in the wrong homes.

Once a puppy application has been recieved and approved we will accept a $200 deposit on a litter once the puppies have been born. Deposits are non refundable unless an appropriate puppy is not avaliable. 

If you are interested in adopting one of our pups please fill out our puppy adoption application and return by email to paintedstarsfarm@gmail.com