MissJiffs The Jokes on You aka "Prank"

MissJiffs The Jokes on You at PSF aka "Prank"
Born 12/25/11
35 LBS

Prank is a good looking boy with a sweet temperament that just happens to have some common sense. He is very loyal and is always wanting to snuggle with you if you are just having one of those days. Did I mention he is quick and fast? While we started his training with flyball, he really woke up to some racing and coursing events. His stride and mid-range burst to the end is eye-watering to behold. Even with a late start, he has the potential to be an "A rated" dog for WRA and NOTRA with only 2 events under his belt. In the coursing department, he quickly took "Best of Breed" several times and "Best of Show" and he is closing in on his coursing champion title. He only has competed in two coursing events!


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