Superb Science, Outstanding Results is exactly what Elite Science delivers. Our line of products feature the unprecedented beneficial effects of patented 1-TDC®, as peer-reviewed in medical journals.

1-TDC® is a natural proprietary blend of fatty acid oils beyond Glucosamine and Fish Oil. Why should your athletes use 1-TDC®?

1-TDC was first introduced to us at a flyball event, however, we immediately thought about how incredible this product would be for our racing whippets!!  Therefore,we put the racers on the product immediately. And WOW, what a difference!!. The first race we went to we noticed a marked improvement in their performance and stamina. We now keep all of our dogs on the product, as we believe in what it has and can do for them as they perform and age.  Not to mention we really enjoy watching our athletes hold up better all day and coming home with dogs that recover quickly, and knowing that it is because of the 1-TDC that we give them.

~ Julian Data and Bonnie Szoka, Trainers