HNH Cymbrogi Get it On (MoJo)

MoJo lives in Ottawa and is owned by Joy Brunton.  

Here is what Joy has to say about MoJo:

Mojo has turned out to be everything I wanted in a border staffy.  She is a loyal, trainable companion who is willing to put her all into everything she does.  To counter this when she comes home she has a great off switch.   She is a very pleasant and easy dog to live with at home which is exactly what I requested.

Mojo is excelling at flyball.  Her best time is a 3.8 in start and she consistently runs 3.9-4.0 in start.  Mojo is currently aiding her team Burnin' Rubber in becoming Region 20's regular champions for 2011.  So far she has earned her FDCH-G and is well on her way to her FM.

Mojo is in training for agility where she is showing the potential to be a fast, and reliable partner.  She has learned all her equipment and we are currently working on sequences and courses.  Mojo needs to learn she can keep moving ahead of her very slow human partner.

In her free time Mojo is busy learning some tricks and maneuvers to try her paw at freestyle disc.  She loves her frisbee and has great style and athleticism.  She easily out-leaps my border collies.

I look forward to what the future will bring with this little girl.  The fun has just begun.


Mojo at DogZworth Montreal Mar 2011

Mojo practicing agility at a local houseleague