Daisy X Drift
The "Ready, Set, Go" Litter
Born 1/15/15
1 M & 2 F
PSF Alternating Current aka Tesla - Loved and Owned by Lydia Goggin
PSFs Voodoo Queen aka Voodoo - Loved and Owned by Donna May Hoerner
PSF Moon Doggie aka Moon - Stayed at PSF

Daisy x Drift Pups


Multi - Mix



Panic - Staffy/JRT

Bounce - Mini Aussie

Bo-Tyne Euchre (Border Jack)

Tarzan (JRT)

Border Collie

Border Jack


Border Collie

Yankeestaff Outlaw Willie

Yankeestaff Ebony Spice

Yankeestaff Alaska White Lady

Yankeestaff Preacher Blue

Yankeestaff Mellow Blue

Yankeestaff Hollowster

Yankeestaff Nonas Double

Yankeestaff Cremesicle

Yankeestaff Blue Punch

Yankeestaff Jade