Yankeestaff Reflection

Yankeestaff (Tonka's) Reflection - aka Daisy
AKC Female Black Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier
OFA Preliminary - Good
L2HGA - Clear by parentage
Born 11/6/09
14 1/4" tall

We have been fortunate enough to add yet another well bred small female staffy to our pack.  

Daisy won my heart over the very first time I saw her!  She is a true charm, full of Staffy attitude (loving, delightful, fun, mischievous and full of spunk).  Her cleaver ways make us smile and laugh in ways we haven't since we lost our first staffy and true love of our lives, Tonka.  Daisy's character and attitude, complete with lots and lots of staffy sounds, was a constant reminder of why we loved Tonka so much that we could not part with her.  Hence her name (Reflection)!

We are happy to have the pleasure of adding Daisy to our home.


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