PSF Right on Cue 

Tri Smooth Border Collie Female
Born 2/24/14

19 7/8 inchs.  31 lbs

CEA-carrier, TNS-Clear, I-GS-Clear,DM-Clear, MDR1-Clear, NCL5-Clear
OFA-Elbows normal, Hips Excellent.

Cue is an amazing girl.  This girl has it all. Structure, Speed, Looks, Drive, Biddability, Athleticism.  She is a sweet  "Go Getter" that also thinks and wants to get it right. 

Cue is everything we wanted and more than we could have hoped for.  

She was structurally evaluated by Pat Hastings who loved her. Her comments were "This is what a Border Collie should look like, and she is built for any activity you would want to do with her".  She has the looks that turns heads wherever she goes. 

Cue is very driven but also has the most wonderful on/off button you could ask for, she is all in when working or playing, but will hang out and is a master snuggler and has a great sense of humor. She is competitive and always wants to be first to get there, but at the same time is gentle with children, the disabled and my tiny pomeranians.  She is very social and has not met a person she doesn't like. 

Cue is beyond athletic.  She is fast, graceful, effortless jumper and moves like a cat while at the same time can turn on a dime and wrap around a pole and practically land where she took off.  She is often compared to a slinky.    She is a great swimmer and loves the water.  She has the perfect balance of obstacle and task drive while at the same time is listening to the handler .

All this in a smooth Wash & Wear Package.
Cue has just started her agility career and is also in training for herding. 

We are super excited about the prospects for Cue!  She is out of our first litter with Whisper who is an amazing athlete, and sired by Kerales Captain, who we were in love with at first sight!  Cue is everything we hoped for from this litter and is going to be trained by Diane Nipper to play agility.  Hopefully in a VERY big way.  

Cue is small but mighty!  A smooth coated tri, which is different for us but exciting.

PSF Right on Cue

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