PSF Ultimate Compliment aka Blush

PSF Ultimate Compliment aka Blush
Height - 14 1/2"
Born 7/31/14
OFA Preliminary - Good

Blush came to us from Vandal's first litter.  Blush is a tiny but mighty firecracker.  She has a ton of drive, work ethic and intensity in a tiny well built machine of a body. While we never planned on or even were even hoping for a purebred Border Collie height dog,we are excited to see what Blush is going to do for us in the future as a height dog. 

Botyne Jimy



Bell's Jade

Bell's Cash ABC 40530

Shep NASD 29420

Katy AIBC 70859

Bo Tyne Skye ABC 15291

Rambow ABC 64753

Waifer ABC 64753

Rival TriHard (Divot)

OFA Good DNA CEA Normal Red and White

Offspring's aka The Rabbit (Tantrum)

OFA - Good, Penn Hip .39/.39 (70th percentile), BAER - Normal & CEA/CH - Normal

HNH Blue Porsche

DN10398701/ABCA258854 CGC, TD, FDGCH Blue Merle

RSK Blue Denim

ABC 228118 / DN 10277001

BSP Jett

ABC 191803


ABC 183376

HNH Abigail

ABCA 205588 / AKC DL88982601


ABC 147562 / DL 83357002

Surtsey Pat

ABC 92069 / DL 72317002