Tempest Johnny Walker at PSF aka Walker
Born 8/15/15
Border-Staffy x Whippet

I Love that dog!!  Seems to be the words that come out of my mouth most when talking about Walker.  The first time we met Walker, while visiting Alisa Romaine's place, I fell in love with him!  I knew I had to have him and relentlessly bothered Alisa until she couldn't refuse any longer and let him come here to live with me!  Thank you Alisa!!!  Walker's wild, whimsical, wacky intensely driven attitude is just my style.  And to add to Walker's charm, his pedigree is full of dogs that I have loved and admired for many years.  

Walker can't get enough of any game!  He is in training for flyball and we look forward to big things from him in the future.