Dreamhaven's Jiffypop FG50K, TF-III

Jiffy is not only a very successful flyball height dog herself, but she has produced a number of height dog super stars with various sires.

Jiffy's previous Mini Aussie / Staffy crosses have produced:
  • Running on the Dogzworth Flyball team - No Clownin' Around - FG60K, TF-II - Circus has been nominated this year for the Region 20 MVP! Circus' best time is 3.971 over 11 inches (in start)
  • Also Running on the Dogzworth Flyball team - The Great GaZooo - FGDCH, TF-II - Zooo's best time is 3.98 over 11 inches (in start)
  • Running with the Arizona Fusion team - Topic TFI-III - Topic's best singles time is 4.046 over 8 inches.
  • Running with the Touch N Go flyball team - Mission TTFC (http://www.tng-flyball.com/gallery2/v/dogs/mission) - Mission is #13 U-Fli Mix breed. Mission's best singles time is 4.252 over 8 inches.
  • Running with the Dog-on-it flyball team - Skorch FG40K - Skorch has an incredible record of running clean. Her very first flag came after accumulating 19,000 pts. By 40k, she has only had 3 flags all for bobbled/dropped balls!!! Skorch typically runs 3.9s over 9 inches.
  • Running with The Gamblers flyball team - Tangent Onyx, TFP-I - Tangent was the the height dog on The Gambler's record time team in NAFA 16.657 (over 11" - Ichy, Dealer, Bella and Tangent).
  • Running on the Leap of Faith team - Mace - who also runs low 4s.
Jiffy's purebred Mini Aussies have also excelled in the sport of flyball:
  • Running with the Wooferines flyball team -Strut FDCH-S Strut's fastest time is 4.1 over 10" jumps passing.
  • Also running on the Wooferines flyball team - MissJiff's Hot Off The Press "Xtra" FDCH-S - Xtra has already earned to special awards in her short time of racing! Xtra's fastest time is 4.9 over 10" jumps passing.
  • Running with the Fur in a Blur flyball team - Missjiff's Summertime "Summer" FDCH-G - Summer's fastest time is 5.130 over 10 inches passing. 
  • Running with the Spirit Catchers flyball team - Missjiffs Zarah FMX,TF-III - Zarah's fastest singles time is 4.616 or 8 inches.