Hounds N Herders Abigail

Abbey for short ABCA and AKC registered Border Collie
OFA - good, CERF tested clear - now spayed
Therapy Dog, Agility and Obedience Titled
Born 10/1/01
FG50K - (Flyball Grand Champion - minimum of 50,000 pts)
Best Flyball Time 4.165
Winner "Fastest Ohio Flyball Dog - 2006"
Dam of three litters

Abbey is the easiest dog we have to live with. She is quiet, friendly, and loving - until it is time to go to work, then she is nothing but focused and driven. She loves to do her job whichever job that would be at the moment in a way that will completely please you. Abbey measures in at about 21" and weights about 30 lbs. She is long and lean and has great angles to provide speed and agility.

Abbey ran on our Fur-in-a-Blur flyball team. She consistently ran the course around 4.2 seconds with her best time being 4.16 seconds (not bad for our first flyball dog).  Abbey is adored by all that know her. She is a special dog, and the foundation of our breeding program that starts with outstanding temperaments, and quality structure!!   She has produced three litters of puppies, all of which have gone on to be agility Champions, disc dog Champions, working herding dogs, Flyball Champions, and/or companion dogs.  Abbey is now spayed and in the flyball lines as much as she can.  When she is not in the flyball lanes or out herding sheep, she is quite content laying in the yard - keeping watch over all the "youngens"

Abbey gave us three beautiful litters of pups, from which we have built a great program.

Abbey x Imp. Astra Spot - we did not keep any pups from this litter. Although our neighbor has one that we get to see daily who is quite lovely.
Abbey x BSP Blue Denim - gave us Porsche
Abbey x Hollowshot Trippin on Sunshine - gave us Flare

HNH Abigail

ABCA 205588 / AKC DL88982601


ABC 147562 / DL 83357002

Imp Rob

ABC 117504

Ziggy Rainbow

ABC 122020

Surtsey Pat

ABC 92069 / DL 72317002

Eweniques Micah

ABC 68284


ABC 49577